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Introduction to RESTful Web Services

Introduction to Spring Boot

Building RESTful APIs with Spring Boot

Request and Response Handling

Error Handling and Exception Handling

Request Validation and Data Binding

Content Negotiation

Authentication and Authorization

Versioning and API Evolution

HATEOAS and Hypermedia

Caching and Performance Optimization

Testing RESTful APIs

Database Integration and Persistence

Exception Handling and Error Reporting

API Documentation

File Upload and Download

Asynchronous Programming

WebSocket and Real-Time Communication

Interacting with External APIs

Security Best Practices

Deployment and Continuous Integration

Best Practices and Performance Optimization

Pagination and Sorting

Hystrix and Circuit Breaker Pattern

API Security and OAuth 2.0

API Versioning Strategies

Performance Monitoring and Metrics

API Gateway and Microservices

Event-Driven Architecture with Spring Boot

Hypermedia Formats (e.g., HAL, JSON-LD)

Load Testing and Performance Tuning

API Governance and Documentation Tools

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