Classes, Objects, and Inheritance in Python

Python is an object-oriented programming language that allows you to create classes, objects, and use inheritance. These concepts are fundamental to understanding and utilizing the full potential of Python.


A class is a blueprint for creating objects. It defines a set of attributes and methods that characterize any object of the class. In Python, you define a class using the class keyword, followed by the class name.

class MyClass:
    # Class definition

Here, MyClass is the name of the class. You can then create objects or instances of this class, which represent a specific entity.


Objects are instances of a class. They have their own unique identity and can access the attributes and methods defined in the class. You can create an object of a class by using the class name followed by parentheses.

my_object = MyClass()

Here, my_object is an object of the MyClass class. You can then access the attributes and methods of this object using the dot notation.

my_object.attribute = 'Some value'  # Setting attribute value
print(my_object.attribute)  # Accessing attribute value


Inheritance is a powerful feature in object-oriented programming that allows you to define a new class by inheriting the attributes and methods of an existing class. The class that is being inherited from is called the base class or parent class, and the class that inherits is called the derived class or child class.

In Python, you can define inheritance by specifying the base class name in parentheses after the derived class name.

class DerivedClass(BaseClass):
    # Class definition

The derived class can then access all the attributes and methods of the base class, along with adding its own.

class Animal:
    def __init__(self, name): = name

    def make_sound(self):

class Cat(Animal):
    def make_sound(self):

cat = Cat("Fluffy")
print(  # Accessing attribute from the base class
cat.make_sound()  # Calling method from the derived class

In this example, the Cat class inherits from the Animal class. It adds its own implementation of the make_sound method while still being able to access the name attribute defined in the base class.


Classes, objects, and inheritance are essential concepts in Python and object-oriented programming in general. Understanding and utilizing these concepts allow you to create reusable and organized code. Experiment with classes, create objects, and explore the power of inheritance to enhance your Python skills.

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