Object Properties and Methods in JavaScript

In JavaScript, objects are a fundamental part of the language. They allow us to store and manipulate data in a structured format. One of the key features of objects is the ability to define properties and methods. In this article, we will explore what object properties and methods are and how to use them effectively.

Object Properties

Properties are variables that are attached to an object. They allow us to store and access data within an object. Properties can be of any data type, including strings, numbers, booleans, arrays, or even other objects. To define a property for an object, we use the dot notation or square bracket notation.

// Creating an object
let person = {};

// Adding properties using dot notation
person.name = 'John';
person.age = 30;

// Adding properties using square bracket notation
person['gender'] = 'male';
person['email'] = 'john@example.com';

In the example above, we create an empty object person and then add properties using both dot and square bracket notation. We can access these properties using the same notation along with the object's name.

console.log(person.name); // Output: 'John'
console.log(person['age']); // Output: 30

Object properties are versatile and can be modified or deleted at any time.

Object Methods

Methods, on the other hand, are functions that are attached to an object. They allow us to perform actions or operations on the data within the object. Methods are defined using the same syntax as regular functions, but they are assigned as properties of an object.

let calculator = {
  num1: 0,
  num2: 0,
  // Method to add two numbers
  add: function() {
    return this.num1 + this.num2;
  // Method to subtract two numbers
  subtract: function() {
    return this.num1 - this.num2;

In the above example, we define an object calculator with two properties num1 and num2. We also define two methods add and subtract, which perform addition and subtraction of the stored numbers, respectively. The this keyword refers to the object itself, allowing us to access its properties within the method.

To invoke a method, we simply use the object's name along with the method name followed by parentheses.

calculator.num1 = 5;
calculator.num2 = 3;

console.log(calculator.add()); // Output: 8
console.log(calculator.subtract()); // Output: 2


Object properties and methods are essential components of JavaScript objects. They allow us to store and manipulate data effectively. By mastering the usage of properties and methods, you can create complex and powerful objects in your JavaScript programs. So go ahead, experiment, and unlock the full potential of objects in your JavaScript endeavors!

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