Exploring Advanced Features of Jackson

In this article, we will delve into some of the advanced features of Jackson, the popular JSON library for Java. Specifically, we will take a closer look at JSON views, filters, and mix-ins and explore how they can enhance the functionality and flexibility of your JSON serialization and deserialization processes.

JSON Views

JSON views offer a way to control which fields of a Java object are included when serializing it into JSON. By defining multiple views, you can selectively expose different subsets of your object's properties based on specific use cases or user roles.

To utilize JSON views with Jackson, you first need to annotate your Java class with @JsonView and define the desired views as separate interfaces or classes. Each field or setter method can then be annotated with @JsonView to specify which view(s) it belongs to.

During serialization, you can specify the active view(s) using the View class provided by Jackson. Only fields or methods annotated with the active view(s) will be included in the resulting JSON output.

JSON views provide a powerful way to customize the JSON representation of your objects without the need to create separate DTOs or modify your domain model extensively.


Jackson filters allow you to selectively include or exclude fields from the serialization process based on runtime conditions. Filters are particularly useful when you need fine-grained control over which fields should be serialized based on dynamic factors.

To configure a filter for a Java class, you can annotate it with @JsonFilter and define a unique filter name. Then, you can annotate individual fields or methods with @JsonFilter and associate them with the filter name.

Next, you need to register a FilterProvider with your ObjectMapper, which provides the logic for applying filters during serialization. The FilterProvider maps filter names to actual filter instances.

At runtime, you can activate a specific filter by calling ObjectMapper.setFilterProvider() with the appropriate filter name. The activated filter will then be applied during serialization, and only fields or methods associated with this filter will be included.

Filters can be powerful when you need to dynamically control the inclusion or exclusion of fields based on changing circumstances, such as user preferences or runtime configurations.


Mix-ins are a way to introduce additional annotations to third-party or pre-existing Java classes without modifying the original source code. This is especially useful when you don't have direct access to the source or when modifying the class hierarchy is not feasible.

By creating a separate mix-in class for the target Java class and annotating it with the desired annotations, you can "mix in" the additional behaviors or configuration options during serialization or deserialization.

To associate a mix-in class with the target class, you can configure the ObjectMapper to use ObjectMapper.addMixIn() or ObjectMapper.setMixIns() methods. You provide the target class and the mix-in class, and Jackson will apply the additional annotations accordingly.

Mix-ins enable you to extend the functionality of existing classes without modifying their original implementation, which can be beneficial when dealing with external libraries or framework classes.


Jackson provides advanced features like JSON views, filters, and mix-ins that give you fine-grained control over the JSON serialization and deserialization process. JSON views allow you to expose specific subsets of your objects, filters enable dynamic inclusion or exclusion of fields based on runtime conditions, and mix-ins let you add additional behaviors to third-party classes without modifying their source code.

By utilizing these advanced features, you can create more flexible and customizable JSON representations of your Java objects. Whether you need to tailor the output for different use cases, dynamically filter fields, or enhance the serialization of existing classes, Jackson has you covered! So go ahead and explore these advanced features to take full advantage of the power of Jackson.

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